• Zephirah Crescent Earrings
  • Zephirah Crescent Earrings
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    Zephirah Crescent Earrings


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    Galaxies far beyond the iron throne, she comes from the twilight zone.

    - Silver Finish.
    - Crescent Moon + Stars.
    - Clear Crystals.
    - Reinforced Design.
    - Exceptional Quality.
    - One Size.

    Invoke your inner moon goddess or simply accessorize like a queen - the 'Zephirah' crescent earrings will instantly inject a magical spark to yer daily rituals. Extra-large statement moons with accenting stars, all adorned with clear crystals. Ready to sparkle like the cosmos!

    Match with anything - the adventure awaits you!

    with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Metal.

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