Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @RightMew Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @RightMew

Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @RightMew

@RightMew: KILLSTAR is more that just a Brand for me. I found so many nice and supportive friends through them. I also really like how every time I’m wearing KILLSTAR I feel like a badass witch, haha.

My favourite picks are a perfect mix between casual, undercover witch and full on spooky season witch.
Some items like the Rails Mini Backpack quickly became one of my favourite accessories. Or the Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress you probably saw me wearing a ridiculous amount of times. since I’m always wearing it to fancy locations or when I don’t know what to wear.

@RightMew's Top 11 KILLSTAR Picks


I found KILLSTAR years ago when I started to get more interested in goth and witchy culture and it just was the perfect mix between spooky and cute but with a dark twist.

Happy birthday, KILLSTAR! I can’t wait to see what’s up next :)

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About @RightMew

@RightMew embodies the word ethereal - she is a powerful force of creativity and kindness. KILLSTAR loves working with RightMew, we are always blown away by her magickal images. Thank you for celebrating KILLSTAR's birthday, we are lucky to have you in the KILLSTAR world!