• Algiz Rune Necklace
  • Algiz Rune Necklace
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    Algiz Rune Necklace

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    Representing the divine might of the universe.

    - Metal & Resin Mix.
    - Reinforced Design.
    - Exceptional Quality.
    - Large 2"/5cm Pendant.
    - Adjustable Cord, 30"/75cm

    Activate with your higher self; the 'Algiz' rune necklace summons the power of the Viking past. Used for protection and spirit communication; this statement necklace has the rune inscribed on a black plaque, held by branches and finally tied by a long black cord with adjustment chain to back. A perfect statement piece.

    Match with anything & everything - as your heart desires.

    with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Metal.

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