• Blackwood Velvet Handbag
  • Blackwood Velvet Handbag
  • Blackwood Velvet Handbag
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    Blackwood Velvet Handbag


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    Out of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun. 

    - Luxe Printed Velvet.
    - Magnetic Closure.
    - Statement Fringe + Tassel Detail.
    - Classic Lining.
    - Size - 102cm/40.1” x 39cm/15.3” x 26cm/10.2”. 

    Her mind is a universe of mysteries yet to be uncovered. Complete yer fav looks in flawless style with the 'Blackwood' velvet handbag - made with love for every detail; luxe printed velvet, magnetic closure, dramatic fringe trim and tassels. Perfect for weekends away, coven meet-ups or simply bringing a piece of the crypt with u on the road. Light enough to go anywhere; day, night or twilight. Oh la la!

    Completes your dark wardrobe perfectly.

    With KILLSTAR Branding, 100% Polyester.

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