• Dark Arts Sandals
  • Dark Arts Sandals
  • Dark Arts Sandals
  • Dark Arts Sandals
  • Dark Arts Sandals
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    Dark Arts Sandals


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    Light is easy to love, show me your darkness. 

    - Faux Leather. 
    - Open-Sandal Styling. 
    - Contrasting Silver Buckle + Zip Detail. 
    - 5cm/2.5" Platform; 11cm/4.4" Heel. 
    - Vegan. 

    Channel some seriously magickal vibes with the 'Dart Arts' sandals - in luxurious faux leather with heel, open sandal style and stand-out contrasting buckle + zip detail. Comfortable and airy - perfect for hot days/night, dates and events! 

    Perfect for Dusk to Dawn - whatever your dark soul desires! 

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% Man-Made Materials.

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