• Despair Combat Boots
  • Despair Combat Boots
  • Despair Combat Boots
  • Despair Combat Boots
  • Despair Combat Boots
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    Despair Combat Boots

    WAS: $ WAS: $124.99

    $49.97 (60% OFF)

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    The person who lives by hope will die by despair.

    - Canvas Twill + Faux Leather.
    - Knee-High.
    - Statement Lace-Up.

    - Zip Side.
    - Vegan.

    Ready for adventure in the 'Despair' knee-high boots - featuring a faux-leather and twill-canvas body with statement lace-up front + side zip for easy on/off. With a modest 2"/5cm platform, giving you just the right amount of elevation. Ready to rock with yer coven, nights out - or just doing day-to-day stuff out the coffin.

    Mix and match as your moon/mood demands!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 80% Canvas, 20% PU/Man-Made Materials.

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