• Dirge Heavy F’k’in Metal Halter [B]
  • Dirge Heavy F’k’in Metal Halter [B]
  • Dirge Heavy F’k’in Metal Halter [B]
  • Dirge Heavy F’k’in Metal Halter [B]
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    Dirge Heavy F’k’in Metal Halter [B]

    WAS: $52.99 WAS: $52.99

    $15.96 (70% OFF)

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    She moves like an alley cat - makin' plans with the devil. Sharpening her claws and filling voids - the hunted becomes the hunter.

    - Smooth Matte Faux Leather.
    - Pentagram Strap Detail.
    - Lace-Up.
    - Fitted.

    'Heavy F’k’in Metal' Halter Top, slicked against yer skin just right - super soft faux leather lace-up top, with pentagram feature-straps and stud back. Raise yer glass - coz the world is yourz.

    Get yer infernal looks complete with a black bottoms and killer boots.

    Keep it rocking; Wipe Clean / Leather Care.

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% Super Soft PU.

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