• Equinox Bralet [B]
  • Equinox Bralet [B]
  • Equinox Bralet [B]
  • Equinox Bralet [B]
  • Equinox Bralet [B]
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    Equinox Bralet [B]

    WAS: $26.99 WAS: $22.99

    $17.24 (25% OFF)

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    Find the perfect balance of light and dark - and ignite the magical spark.

    - Lush Fishnet/Lace.
    - Accent Straps.
    - Statement Back Detail.
    - Fully Adjustable Straps.
    - Wide Elastic.
    - Fitted.

    You're dancing to the beat of the moon; you like it best when it's just you and the wide midnight sky - studded with stars. The 'Equinox' bralet is an invocation of soft fishnet and delicate lace trims; with cage chest-front and wide elastic - and statement lace-panel to the back. Fully adjustable straps for perfect comfort.

    Match with 'Equinox' panty for a complete look - ready to get stars shootin' for sure!

    Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle.

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 95% Polyester 5% Elastane.

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