• Fangtastic Soda Handbag
  • Fangtastic Soda Handbag
  • Fangtastic Soda Handbag
  • Fangtastic Soda Handbag
  • Fangtastic Soda Handbag
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    Fangtastic Soda Handbag

    WAS: $ WAS: $39.99

    $22.98 (43% OFF)

    Sold Out


    Bloody and negative soda. 

    - Faux Leather.
    - Statement Print.
    - Zip Closure.
    - Long Chain-Strap.
    - Lined.
    - 5"/12cm x 9"/22cm x 5"/12cm

    Creatures of the night can like bubbles too! Keep calm and bite me with the 'Fangtastic' statement soda-handbag in faux leather with a fun contrasting graphic print, zip closure, and a long chain-strap. Adds a playful element to any day/night - fits your most needed essentials. Just grab one before they're gone; everyone's thirsty!

    Mix and match with anything; adds playfulness to any mood/moon!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU.

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