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Resurrect is a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling pre-loved KILLSTAR items. It provides a platform for customers to browse, buy, and sell authentic pre-loved KILLSTAR products, including long-discontinued treasures, vintage KILLSTAR pieces, and rare collectibles.

You can find long-discontinued treasures, vintage KILLSTAR pieces, and rare collectibles which are not available anywhere else.

All items are quality checked and verified before being listed so you can be confident you are purchasing authentic KILLSTAR products.

You will pay via our secure checkout in the same way as with any KILLSTAR order.  Simply "Add to Cart" and proceed through the checkout as usual. Note that you cannot combine pre-loved Resurrect items and new KILLSTAR items in a single order.

We ask our sellers to fulfill your order within 3 business days. The item will ship with a tracking number and typically arrives within 3-5 days of being shipped. 

All pre-loved purchases are final unless the item is not in the condition described by the seller. If that situation occurs, you can open a dispute once the item has been delivered to you. If we confirm the dispute, we will issue a refund and ask that you please return the item. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always available to help via support@recurate.com.

Not yet! The RESURRECT US service powered by Recurate is not currently available to buyers anywhere outside of the US. We are unable to fulfill international shipping orders.

Got more questions? Find out more on our About Page.

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