• Moon Kitty Blanket
  • Moon Kitty Blanket
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    Moon Kitty Blanket


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    It's not a man on the moon, it's a cat.  (ミචᆽචミ)

    - Soft Touch Fabric.
    - Round Blanket, with Fringes.
    - Huge Graphic Print
    - Size 158cm x 158cm

    Looking to complete yer crypt with some killer details? Need a cool AF meditation blanket - or just a partner in yer rituals? The 'Moon Kitty' round blanket is in a lush soft fabric - with a huge contrast graphic of a lifelike full moon and cosmic cat silhouette. Huge - so you know you get the desired effect!

    Completes yer life perfectly, or, makes the perfect gift!

    with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Polyester.

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