• Souled Out High Tops [B]
  • Souled Out High Tops [B]
  • Souled Out High Tops [B]
  • Souled Out High Tops [B]
  • Souled Out High Tops [B]
  • Souled Out High Tops [B]
  • Souled Out High Tops [B]
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    Souled Out High Tops [B]

    WAS: $ WAS: $79.99

    $39.98 (50% OFF)

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    Sold Out


    Black as midnight, black as pitch.

    - Faux Leather.
    - All-Black Studs.
    - 2" Rubber Sole.
    - Lace-Front with Side-Zip.
    - Vegan.

    When you cannot have even the smallest bit of colour; 'Souled Out' high tops are completely black - including all detailing and hardware. Luxe faux leather, lace-up front, all-over stud formation and branded rubber pentagram. Just the right amount of elevation with a 2" rubber sole - keepin' it versatile for any day or every day.

    Matches with yer all-black wardrobe perfectly.

    with KILLSTAR Branding.

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