• Starmap Backpack [B]
  • Starmap Backpack [B]
  • Starmap Backpack [B]
  • Starmap Backpack [B]
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    Starmap Backpack [B]


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    The stars will guide you home; from the underworld to above the dome.

    - Faux Leather. 
    - Moon Hardware.
    - Statement Repeat Print.
    - Adjustable Straps.
    - Classic Lining.
    - 28cm x 26cm x 9cm. Strap Length between 56cm - 69cm.

    Are you a child of the Aurora Borealis? Ever got the feeling the stars are watching you; wherever you go? Meet the hauntingly beautiful 'Starmap' satchel backpack; created from high quality faux-leather, with contrasting statement print, crescent moon hardware, zip closure and multiple compartments. Adjustable straps and classic lining. Fits all your essentials - perfect for a life in the adventure lane.

    Match with anything; the cosmos has your back! 

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU.

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