• Life's A Witch Large Hoop Earrings [B]
  • Life's A Witch Large Hoop Earrings [B]
  • Life's A Witch Large Hoop Earrings [B]
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    Life's A Witch Large Hoop Earrings [B]


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    Do the universe a favour and don't hide your magic.

    - Black Finish.
    - Extra Large. 
    - Barbwire Pentagram.
    - Size - 7.5cm/2.9" x 7.5cm/2.9". 

    Be the witch you were born to be. Featuring a barbwire pentagram design in a hoop shape, our 'Life's a Witch' earrings complement any outfit. Be ready to make heads roll!

    Mix and match as your dark heart desires!

    With KILLSTAR Branding. 100% Alloy Metal.

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