Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Spells have been in existence in varying degrees across the world throughout the ages. In ancient times, love spells were often affiliated with the Gods however; today love spells are most commonly used to make a connection with someone.

The true aim of a love spell is often to influence or control the person of desire. Methods include placing charms on the person’s body or even creating a potion for them to consume. Performing a love spell can help you find your one true love. But, did you know that love spells could also be cast if you’re already in a relationship? They can help strengthen your existing bond.

If you find yourself ready for love this Valentine’s Day but only receive a card from your cat, a love spell might just be the thing for you!

To start a love spell, firstly you need to make sure that you are ready to fall in love. Love is powerful, as are the spells around it. Therefore, ensure you take what you’re doing seriously and expel all your own negative energies before you begin. A challenging task perhaps, but if you want it to work you’ve got to be ready.

If you wish to attempt your own love spell, be aware that spell casting depends on your own experience. If you’re new to spell casting you may want to try a very basic spell, which only requires items from around the home.

But beware fellow casters! Although binding someone with a love spell may grant you their attention in the short term, things don’t always to go plan. The most effective love spells are those rooted in compassion and empathy. So always conjure and cast with warmth and love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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