KILLSTAR is not just about making a statement through style; it's also about making a difference in the world. We believe that fashion should both empower individuals and support their beliefs, which is why striving for sustainability is important to the brand. We are considering more responsible decisions, from ethical sourcing and production to more sustainable materials and customer involvement.

At KILLSTAR, our community is at the centre of everything we do. Our people are the foundation of our success. To honour this, we are committed to staying true to the energy we were founded upon, whilst being dedicated to growth. This includes having a workforce built on inclusivity, fairness and respect. We prioritise the well-being of all employees – whether they work in our suppliers' factories, our warehouses, or our Headquarters. Read here to understand some of the procedures that ensure KILLSTAR’s standards are implemented across all areas of production.

For our loyal customers, we choose to grow to meet their goals and expectations, to show we hear them and value nurturing our relationship. To do this, we are increasing our honesty and transparency on the ways we work and the people we work with. We will be continually maintaining our Responsibility Journey page with updates and improvements, as our teams work towards building a more sustainable future. We are learners, leaders and the weirdos.

Our design mirrors our values. KILLSTAR products promote individualism, exploration and confidence. To ensure customers can enjoy these values, we prioritise great quality products, ethical sourcing and increasing transparency. We have joined the UK Fashion and Textile Association to gain information on how to make more sustainable choices and take advantage of innovations that make this possible. 

Our responsible choices can be physically found in our products. From our packaging to our materials, we are increasingly choosing more responsible options. In 2022 we redesigned our garment poly bags from virgin plastic to 100% recycled plastic and we are currently sourcing more responsible fabrics to use in our apparel. These decisions work towards our aims to lower our impact, respond to new legislation, value welfare, all whilst maintaining our design integrity.

Understanding our impact is of utmost importance on our responsibility journey. We have a duty to manage our impact and we are doing this by assessing sourcing methods, shipping strategy, and other processes that can be continually improved. We work with Recorra to ensure our Distribution Centres and Headquarters properly process all recycling for reuse or responsible disposal. As part of our shipping strategy, we have started a new partnership with a forwarding provider to gain more information on our emissions and consider new ways of working. We are excited to share updates as we explore alternative methods that will reduce our carbon impact.

We are partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project, which focuses on combating deforestation, community employment and environmental education. They are dedicated to restoration by helping local communities to renew their ecosystems through tree planting initiatives. So far, KILLSTAR has planted over 400,000 trees with the commitment to plant another 250,000 in 2024.