Animal Derived Materials

We aim to use minimal animal-derived materials in our products to help reduce the impact our styles have on animal lives.This is reflective of our concern for animal welfare to protect the mental and physical health of animals.

When choosing our fabrics, we strive to source a balance of the best, in terms of quality, welfare, and sustainability and occasionally one will take precedence. 

We recognise that customers value our commitment to great quality and focus on longevity of use when selecting the best material for each individual item. An example of when we have carefully chosen to produce with wool is in our felted brimmed hats. Wool provides the most durable option for these hats, and this is currently our only product using animal derived materials.

Currently, we are looking to partner with organisations that create the best fabrics in the most sustainable ways possible, to help us choose more responsible materials. We are interested in recycled, synthetic materials from both pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste. This will help us to reduce the number of our products made from entirely new materials and lower our overall impact on the environment.

Shipping Strategy

We follow a strategic approach when it comes to sourcing.We carefully consider the locations of our suppliers factories and shipping ports, to understand the best potential of consolidating our goods into a full container load. This eliminates the need for the goods to travel long distances or having to send less than a container load separately, maximising efficiency.

We have started a new partnership with a forwarding provider to gain insight of our greenhouse gas emissions on our international shipments. With this information, we are actively looking at alternatives to reduce our emissions and in turn, our corporate carbon footprint. 


From our packaging materials to our production processes, we prioritise the use of recycled and recyclable materials at every opportunity. At KILLSTAR Distribution Centres and HeadQuarters, we actively work with recycling partners, such as Recorra to best dispose of our waste.This includes separating and recycling general rubbish such as cupboard boxes, bottles and cans, scrap paper, and old garment samples. Once efficiently sorted, all recycling is processed for reuse or responsible disposal.We also encourage our customers to participate in our recycling initiative, by providing a marketplace to sell pre-loved Killstar pieces. Check out Resurrect to shop pre-owned Killstar or post a listing of your own. 

Packaging Redesign.

In 2022 we redesigned our garment poly bags from virgin plastic to 100% recycled plastic. This resulted in approximately 195.2 Kg less virgin plastic used per year! We are constantly reviewing how we can reduce unnecessary packaging and swap to plastic alternatives. In the UK, you can recycle our polybags in some kerbside collections or check this Recycling Locator to find your local collection point.

Our new packaging not only meets the highest of international regulatory standards, but also aligns with our goal to improve our overall impact, by using more recycled or recyclable materials. This includes packaging used for individual products, shipping materials and materials used for shipping to our warehouse. This ongoing improvement will help customers in determining the correct method for packaging disposal or reuse. 

We are aiming for all our packaging to be suitable for kerbside recycling. Recycling information is also provided for our textile and footwear products under the current EU regulation. We comply with the UK and other country's regulations concerning the importing and exporting of plastic materials.