Quintessential Goth Playlists for WFH

Work From Home: Essential Goth Listening

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In the midst of a global pandemic, a lot of us Office Angels are moving with the times and switching up the work place for our own crypt! Often it can be quite difficult to get used to ‘The New Normal’ and working from home! But here at KILLSTAR, we got you, ghoul! Not only do we have cute & kreepy homeware bits to add some drama to yer new ‘office’, much needed note taking essentials, caffeine buddies and essential 100% serious WFH looks; our team have ALSO put together our ‘Work From Home: Essential Goth Listening’ playlist, featuring past, present and future alternative/goth bangers to keep you (in)sane, pumped and ready to tackle your daily tasks, from bed, couch or home office!

It’s Monday mourning, you’ve had a spellbinding weekend, have your iced oat milk latte at the ready in your Witch's Brew Cold Brew Cup and need to start the week off with some chilled alt tunes to get your blood flowing! 


Undoubtable one of the pioneers of goth-rock, which emerged from UK post-punk in the 1970s, Siouxsie And The Banshees would no doubt be in any alt-rock loving goth’s playlist! Happy House would be our Monday mourning Siouxsie classic, released in 1980 and channels the energy needed to start the week the right way! Happy House = Productive House! Other notable mentions of SATB tracks in our Essential WFH Playlist are; Spellbound, Hong Kong Garden & Cities In Dust.

The caffeine is kicking in and we’re getting there! Sticking with our chill goth vibez we have a bit of The Cure - Burn, ranging from pop and goth-rock, The Cure are perf for getting us motivated in the mornings. Moving on and getting pumped up with a bit of 80s Leeds based band The Sisters Of Mercy with Lucretia My Reflection. Our mornings are looking up already, but we need some not so modern classics to spice things up a bit! A 90s bop that gets our whole team pumped & productive whilst WFH is the classic:


Keeping with our grrrl bands, special shout outs go to the female punk bands who help keep us hyped & happy throughout the WFH day! Bangers on the playlist include Babes In Toyland - Bruise Violet, L7 - Sh*tlist & Lunachicks - Don't Want You. Stay motivated and in Get Sh*t Done Mode, to the rebellious ricious OG Riot Grrrls, Bikini Kill and their track Rebel Girl, accompanied by a side of in your face punk, from of The Distillers, with their track City Of Angels, not forgetting their front woman and all round style ICON, Brody Dalle’s solo career and her track Don't Mess With Me. Before breaking for lunch we are partial to a slight headbang to heavy metal heads Kittie! Who’s video for Brackish is giving us serious live music and gig withdrawals! 

After lunch from our Cute & Spooky Lunchbox, the energy is lagggggging. We need some musical mosh pick me ups and are ready to re-live our Myspace dazzzze; *cut to the nostalgic montage of our teenage years*. First up, a Killstar team fave...

Memories of saving up yer pocket money to buy alternative albums and begging for your fave band hoodie. More magic, classic and nostalgic antics to keep us motivated up next, bangers from Linkin Park, One Step Closer (here for the hair stylez in the vid) & classic In The End. Riffz & Roach up next with alt legendary bop Papa Roach - Last Resort and for when things aren’t going yer way Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff, so you don’t have to! Stay full of high NRG even when it feels things are Coming Undone, with some KoЯn. For moments when people are reaaaallly testing yer patience:


Keeping with our up beat bangers, other notable mentions in our Quintessential WFH Goth Playlist, that keep our brains focused are; emo alt-rockers, Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The E, Bring Me The Horizon - It Never Ends, Alexisonfire - This Could Be Anywhere In The World & My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade. These tracks take us back to reliving our youth at infamous rock club The Cathouse! Where we recently shot our Vexed In Vinyl Lookbook!


Formed In 1978, English rock band Bauhaus are frequently considered to be the inventors of goth, however the band rejected this label and prefer the term ‘dark glam’. We are here for both terms and think they describe our personal style!! Influenced by Bauhaus, bands that also make our Working From Home days run smoothly are; Nine Inch Nails - Closer, Japanese rock band Mono - Requiem For Hell and Type O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me.

Moving to the current day, it is safe to say that we have a lil crush on Yungblud. We love his style, the way he uses his platform & his track Strawberry Lipstick, keeps us bopping through our daily emails!

Other notable mentions of current day stars of our WFH playlist are feminist British punk trio - Big Joanie and their track 'Fall Asleep', Scottish doom-stoner-rockers, The Rhubarb, a 4 piece in yer face, no holds barred band from Glasgow who keep us (in)sane whilst working from home with their track 'Drag Me To Hell' and West London based riot grrrls, The Tuts and their track ‘1982’.

As the world re-opens and we are living in the age of ‘The New Normal’, it seems us Office Ghouls will be working from home for the foreseeable future. We hope that our team’s selection of Quintessential Goth WFH Tunes keep you hyped and happy throughout yer working day!

Check out all the above mentioned bangers in our official Spotify playlist

Which tunes are your favourite? Which tunes should we add? Drop yer comments below! <3