Netflix & Don't Touch Me - New TV Shows


It’s that time of year, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling and it’s time to put on one of our comfy black sweaters, curl up on the sofa and hide out from the world with our favourite characters! So here’s a look at the TV shows we’re dying to see.

American Horror Story

This show can be all kinds of messed up and we love it for it! If you’ve never watched it then it’s time to, and with every season focusing on a whole new story line you don’t have to worry about playing catch up. We'd all been kept a little in the dark with the new season and with previous seasons featuring everything from vampirism to alien abduction it’s really anyone’s guess as to what season 6 would be about. But as of last week we have a bit of a better idea.

The Walking Dead

After the cliffhanger of the season 6 finale we cannot WAIT to find out who met Lucille. Last season had a lot of build up to finally meeting Negan and Jeffery Dean Morgan did not disappoint (though initially might have been some strange watching for all those Supernatural fans out there) The new season airs on October 23rd in US and 24th in the UK. Though if Daryl dies we’ll be sending some dark fucking energy to AMC. Who’s with us? Who do you think their gonna kill off?

The Exorcist

Apparently a demonic possession is becoming a bit of a TV trend what with Outcast, and now The Exorcist. And we’re all for a little more conjuring of the underworld! This brand spanking new show airs on September 23rd in the US, unfortunately no sign of a UK date but sure it won’t take long for someone to pick this up if it’s proving to be a hit.

The OA

This will be a new show for Netflix this year. So what’s it about? Why are we keen to see it? Well, we have no clue what it’s about! The plot of this new show is being kept super secret but as lovers of the mysterious we’re very curious about this!. All we know so far is that this show is a thriller, is written by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling and will star Marling as well. For those who haven’t heard of these two they are the geniuses behind the the cult movie ‘Sound of My Voice’. The show will also star a fav of ours Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead & Damien). No release date has been set for this show yet other than ‘sometime in 2016’ - very helpful! As soon as we see this release we’ll be sure to set aside some Netflix binge time.


Signed up for a third season Salem promises to delight with the trailer telling us ‘Everything in Salem Has Gone to Hell’. Not enough? This season will also see Marilyn Manson guest star as Salem’s barber/surgeon (because obvs those two job titles were linked back then!) and really if that isn’t reason to watch this season we’re not sure what is! Set to air on the 2nd November in the US - no UK date set yet.