Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @kevinschepis

Celebrating 11 years of KILLSTAR with @kevinschepis

@kevinschepis: Hey guys, I would like to talk a little bit about KILLSTAR. To start with I would like to tell you guys what KILLSTAR means to me. KILLSTAR first of all for me means LIFESTYLE for sure! When I discovered KILLSTAR my life made 100% of sense.. all about the clothes, accessories & home accessories, It all fit perfectly with my ideals, tastes and how I would like to be and feel.

For sure KILLSTAR means lifestyle, empowerment, beeing who you really want to be!

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I would like to tell you guys how I have discovered this amazing brand. One day I went out with my friends and one of them was wearing a KILLSTAR t-shirt, I fell completely in love with it! I wanted one so bad. The next morning that friend sent me the KILLSTAR’S Instagram and website, I started following straight away! And since then it's been 5 years that I'm still in love with the brand.

I would like to wish KILLSTAR a amazing 11th birthday! I wish KILLSTAR continue to have much success, happiness and continue to prosper.

Happy Birthday to all the KILLSTAR team, you guys are incredible! Love you KILLSTAR.


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We couldn't imagine KILLSTAR without Kevin! Kevin knows how to style an outfit like no other and is always creating amazing things for KILLSTAR! Thank you for celebrating KILLSTAR's birthday, we are lucky to have you in the KILLSTAR world!