• Cursula Velvet Flats [B]
  • Cursula Velvet Flats [B]
  • Cursula Velvet Flats [B]
  • Cursula Velvet Flats [B]
  • Cursula Velvet Flats [B]
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    Cursula Velvet Flats [B]

    WAS: $52.99 WAS: $52.99

    $22.96 (57% OFF)

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    I crave a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous.

    - Luxe Velvet & Vegan Leather.
    - Black Scale Print.
    - Lined.
    - Vegan. 

    The oceans have many secrets; the abyss so black - stare deep enough and you will find someone staring back. The 'Cursula' flats are complete in lush velvet with a black-on-black scale print, gloss pvc edge and faux leather lining. Giving you superior comfort whilst adding some purrfection to everyday outfits. 

    Match with anything and everything; looks super cute with short skirts!

    with KILLSTAR Branding.

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