• Skeletor Sleep Mask
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  • Skeletor Sleep Mask
  • Skeletor Sleep Mask
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    Skeletor Sleep Mask

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    KILLSTAR x Skeletor/Masters Of The Universe.

    - Soft Cotton.
    Contrast Graphic.
    - Elastic Band.
    Measures 9.84"/25cm x 3.93"/10m.
    - © 2020 Mattel Inc. Used Under Licence.

    Even evil needs a nap every now and then! The 'Skeletor' sleep mask features a comfortable all-cotton body with contrasting graphic motif to the front and elastic band. Comfortable and purrfect for napping/sleeping anywhere.

    Makes a great gift; especially for yourself!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% Cotton.

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