• Smokey Quartz Crystal
  • Smokey Quartz Crystal
  • Smokey Quartz Crystal
  • Smokey Quartz Crystal
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    Smokey Quartz Crystal


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    Use Smokey Quartz to reconnect to the Mother Earth and its life-giving soil - perfect for grounding and balancing the spirit. It is said Smokey Quartz absorbs and recycles negative energies, making it a perfect protection talisman.

    - High Quality.
    - Crystal-Point Shape.
    - Size 3-4 inch/7-9 cm.
    - Weights may vary.
    - Only Available at KILLSTAR.com

    Handpicked and sourced just for you; beautiful Smokey Quartz, shaped into captivating energy points. A perfect addition to your crystal collection, your altar or makes the perfect gift. Extra large sizes - in beautiful quality and colour!

    Please note; Each natural crystal is different - in size, shape, and colour. Every crystal is beautiful in its own way - cracks, colourations etc are not seen as faults.

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