5 gothic interior styles & how to achieve them

We’re not all lucky enough to live in Dracula’s Castle but at KILLSTAR we’re trying to make all of your darkest interior dreams come true!...

We’re not all lucky enough to live in Dracula’s Castle but at KILLSTAR we’re trying to make all of your darkest interior dreams come true! There’s no one-size-fits-all gothic decor look, because every ghoul is different! We’ve broken down some of our favourite 5 aesthetics to make any room look gothic with our KILLSTAR Home Decor Collection, and to give you inspiration no matter what your preferred style is.

Table of Content:
  1. Traditional Gothic
  2. Minimal Goth
  3. Witchy Magic AKA Boho Goth
  4. Glamour Ghoul
  5. Pastel Goth

1. Traditional Gothic

by @anetv88

by @fedebiancyshinoda

Keep it classic with a traditional gothic look full of deep colors, baroque details and darkly romantic vibes. Think jewel tones like red, purple, green and deep blue. Choosing one of those and pairing it with black is a failsafe way to make the room look so well put-together.

Add a feature wall with some intricate, ornamental wallpaper or tons of artwork to create a gallery wall. Search Etsy, pinterest and Instagram to find artists you love, or even ask your tattoo artist if they do prints! This is the perfect way to make the space unique to you and packed full of your personality. You’ll also need plenty of accessories - the more ornate the better! Look to Gothic cathedrals for inspiration and you can’t go wrong.


2. Minimalist Goth

by @quimimo

by @quimimo

At the other end of the spectrum we have a minimalist gothic look, where everything is stripped back, simple and clean. Stick to black and white for the most part then add a couple of accent pieces in your favorite color if you like. There’s no clutter in these rooms, and always plenty of space. 

Add interest through textures, like fluffy blankets & cozy cushionsshaggy rugs and even wall tapestries. A black rail with your favorite outfits hanging on it is beautiful decor as well as a practical piece, and shows off your stunning style at the same time! 


3. Witchy Magic AKA Boho Goth

by @sachafreyja

by @following.flies

by @lisaverryt

Witchy babes need a magical coven to feel at home in. If you love lighter interiors that focus on the connection with nature explore boho goth style. There’s an emphasis on nature here, so fill your room with plants, fresh bouquets in unique vases or dried flowers if you’re not as much of a green witch! Natural textures also help with this vibe, so look out for wicker, bamboo and wood furniture. 

Floor cushions and sumptuous blankets add a hippie feel and help keep you comfortable when you’re busy casting spells. Crystals are of course an absolute must-have and deserve to be displayed in a pretty box or on a decorative plate. Don’t forget the crystal ball, incense holders and TONS of candles for a truly spellbinding vibe.


4. Glamour Ghoul

by @kevinschepis

by @ladyvampmanor

Goth princesses will love a super glamorous style. This takes the traditional gothic look and adds plenty of glitter, sparkle, gems and opulent furnishings. Crushed velvet, luxurious silk and faux furs combine with statement chandeliers and ornate mirrors to create a gorgeous boudoir you’ll never want to leave!

Vintage-inspired accessories and soft lighting are the ideal romantic finishing touches, and a beautifully ornate dressing table where you can display your best perfumes and lipsticks is the ultimate dream.


5. Pastel Goth

by @indieee_x

Looking for a cuter style? Pastel Goth is where it’s at! Us alternative ghouls don’t need to stick to all black all the time, and a more colorful look can still have a spooky edge. Often anime influenced, these rooms will be full of cuddly plushies, pink neon lights and maybe even a sick gaming set-up. 

Everything will be super cute but there’s always something creepy lurking around the corner, like dark artwork or teddies, plushies like KILLSTAR Kreeptures that are anything but traditional! Focus on softness with tons of cushions, fluffy rugs and feathered accessories.


So what’s your vibe?

We would LOVE to see your haunted homes - tag #WEAREKILLSTAR on your IG posts so we can swoon over your gothic crypts! Let us know what styles you’re loving and if there’s any other homeware you’re dying to own, then maybe we can make your dreams come true xo


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