How To Dress Witchy
How To Dress Witchy

Hexcellent style ideas to witch up your fit

From traditional Salem-esque looks to modern ‘fits straight outta WitchTok, we’re head over heels for witchy dressing. It’s the perfect way to feel powerful and invite some magick into your life. Whether you’re a full-on spellcaster or you simply want to look like a beautiful, badass witch, read on for our top tips and key pieces to include in your witchy wardrobe.

Luxe lace

Drape yourself in luxurious lace for a spellbinding look that works day or night. Whether it’s a floaty dress or a dramatic maxi skirt, black lace is always sophisticated and a little bit mysterious - just like you!

Add some flare

Bell sleeves and flares add an instant witchy vibe to any outfit, plus a lil drama too! They also give a vintage feel, so it’s the ideal look for any old souls - think witch queen supreme Stevie Nicks. A lace-up blouse with bell sleeves is perfect for any conjurer, and burnout velvet flared trousers will have you strutting your stuff and making everyone fall under your spell.

No.1 Essential

Of course, the absolute must-have accessory for any witch is a classic wide-brimmed hat and you know we have plenty of options to choose from! Go as dramatic or as subtle as you like, and the best thing is that they go with every outfit. If you buy one thing to upgrade your witchy wardrobe, make it a hat you love.

Broom Riding Boots

We’re OBSESSED with pointed toe, lace up witchy boots. They look super sleek and can be easily dressed up or down. Get those Salem vibes with our Raven Booties or the iconic Betty Boots. Get ready to click your heels together and work your magick!

Sister of the Moon

Witches live by the moon, so it’s no wonder our outfits often feature them. Go for crescent hardware on your handbag, or a vintage-inspired moon and sun faces print on a dress, skirt or blouse. Accessorise with lunar jewellery and look for moon phase designs to really tune into that magickal, celestial energy.

Cloak of darkness

For the ultimate High Priestess vibes, invest in a stunning cloak or cape. You’ll instantly feel powerful and ready to cast any spell you desire. For a more subtle look, drape yourself in a shawl or kimono. Bonus points for fringing, burnout velvet and sumptuous fabrics, and ideal for swooping away under the cover of darkness.

Glamour Magick

It’s not just about looking magickal - you can create magick with your clothing too! It can be as simple as featuring your favourite occult symbols in your looks or go all out and enchant your jewellery for your preferred purpose. Pentagrams can be used for protection, your favourite crystal can be worn as a necklace to keep it on you at all times, or why not create your own sigil and add it to your handbag? There are thousands of ancient symbols to choose from, so get creative with how you use them in your outfits!

Colourful visions

While witches classically wear all black, it’s not a necessity. Deep jewel tones also feel totally magickal, and pure white is a powerful look. You can also choose your outfit’s colours according to how you want to feel that day. Wear purple to amplify your intuition, green to connect with the earth and bring luck or red to attract love. Choosing your looks with intention like this helps to infuse some magick into your everyday life - and it’s a really low effort way to do so!

Season of the Witch

Are you going to go all out with your witchy looks or are you just dipping your toe into the coven? Whatever your vibe, you’ll find pieces you love in our Witchy Collection, which is regularly updated with stunning new items. Don’t forget to tag us in your spellbinding looks using #WEAREKILLSTAR next time you’re doing your favourite full moon ritual - we’d love to see!



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