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How to Read Tarot Cards Simple Guide | KILLSTAR Edition

Explore the magic of tarot cards reading with Killstar's simple guide! Delve into Major & Minor Arcana, choose your deck, and enjoy the enchantment of reading the cards! 🔮🕯

Hey, Mystical Souls! Looking for the ultimate fusion of the arcane and the avant-garde? Say no more. We at Killstar are all about that blend of esoteric mystique and goth aesthetics. And guess what? We’re pulling back the cosmic curtain to give you a spooky guide on how to read tarot cards! Yes, that ancient art of divination that’s as intriguing as a midnight moon ritual. So, gather 'round, glam ghouls of the night, as we get down to the nitty-gritty and get ready for the ride!


Table of Contents: 



What are Tarot Cards? 


Tarot cards are a deck of symbolic cards used for divination and self-reflection. Each card represents different aspects of life, offering insights and guidance.


Let’s face it, tarot cards are more than just pretty pictures on cardboard, they're your hotline to the universe. Tarot cards have come a long way from game night to predicting your love life, your spiritual path, and that promotion you've been eyeing. 


What’s in a Tarot Deck?

Before you can decipher the cosmic code, you’ve got to understand the lexicon. So what exactly is inside a tarot deck? 


A full deck has 78 cards: 22 Major Arcana (the main event cards) and 56 Minor Arcana (the 'still important but less dramatic' cards)



Major Arcana Cards 🔮🌙

Black Tarot Cards by KILLSTAR

The Major Arcana cards are the big leagues, okay? They consist of 22 cards starting from The Fool and ending with The World. Each card represents significant life events, spiritual lessons, and other major influences.

Ready for a quick trip through the Major Arcana:  

  • The Fool: New beginnings and adventures. Think of it as the ultimate “YOLO” card.
  • The Magician: Master of your fate, Captain of your soul. Manifestation and resourcefulness.
  • The High Priestess: Intuition and unconscious knowledge. The keeper of secrets. Hush, hush!
  • The Empress: That Earth-Mother vibe. Fertility, nurturing, and abundance. You’re nurturing as heck.
  • The Emperor: Authority and structure. The boss. Literally.
  • The Hierophant: Spiritual and loving tradition.
  • The Lovers: Love and Choices. You’re either in love or facing some serious choices, honey.
  • The Chariot: Control and willpower. Speed demon! You're going places.
  • Justice: Fairness and ethical principles. Keeping it 100, balancing those scales.
  • The Hermit: Introspection and solitude. A mood. You need alone time.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Life's spinning; hang on tight!
  • Strength: Courage and inner power. You've got the power.
  • The Hanged Man: Surrender and letting go. Patience, darling.
  • Death: New beginnings in a goth disguise.
  • Temperance: Balance and moderation. The middle path, like Buddha but edgier.
  • The Devil: Bondage and materialism. Don't sell your soul just yet (or do).
  • The Tower: Chaos reigns! But, hey, sometimes it's fun.
  • The Star: Hope and inspiration. Make a wish, this one’s for dreamers.
  • The Moon:  Illusion and intuition. Spooky, tricky and oh so bewitching.
  • The Sun: Success and vitality. Good vibes only.
  • Judgment: Rebirth. Like a Phoenix!
  • The World: Completion and accomplishment. You did it! Take a bow.

Minor Arcana Cards

Red Tarot Cards - Minor Arcana by KILLSTAR

Next up, we have the Minor Arcana, which is akin to the regular playing cards but with a magical twist. They're broken down into four suits - Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles - each containing 14 cards. These cover the day-to-day events and emotions.

  • Cups: Emotions and relationships.
  • Wands: Spirituality and inspiration.
  • Swords: Thoughts and words.
  • Pentacles: Material wealth and career.


Choosing a Tarot Deck


There are a variety of enchanting tarot decks filled with breathtaking art and intricate symbolism. It’s like choosing a magical companion, your intuition will guide you. Look through our Killstar’s Crystal & Divination range and pick up the perfect tarot deck that resonates with your inner goth self. 



Types of Tarot Readings


There are various ways to consult the Tarot, depending on what you're looking to find out:

  • General Reading: An overview of your life’s current state.
  • Question Reading: You ask a specific question to the cards.
  • Love Reading: All things romance and relationships.
  • Career Reading: Your job, ambitions, and work life.



How to Choose a Tarot Spread

To choose a tarot spread, consider the question's complexity and the querent's preferences. Opt for a simple one-card spread for straightforward inquiries or a more detailed Celtic Cross spread for deeper insight. Trust your intuition when selecting the spread that best suits the situation. Explore tarot spreads in more detail.

To make it simple, a spread is the arrangement of cards drawn during a reading.  Popular ones include:

  • Three-Card Spread: Past, present, and future.
  • Celtic Cross: A more detailed 10-card spread.
  • The Horseshoe: A seven-card spread focusing on a specific issue.



Prepping Before a Tarot Reading 🕯🔮

Tarot Cards Reading Séance Decor | KILLSTAR

Before you start, cleanse your space following our crystal guide. Light a candle or add your crystals and extra Alt decor with our Crystals & Divination range, focus your energy, and slay!


How to Shuffle, Cut and Pull Tarot Cards


Shuffling is essential! It’s how you imbue the cards with your bewitching energy. Once you feel it’s time, cut the deck into three piles and then restack them. Pull your cards according to your chosen spread.



How to Read Tarot Cards: Killstar Edition ⭐

Killstar Black Tarot Cards

Reading tarot cards can be a wickedly enchanting experience. So buckle up for the ride, here’s your road map: 


Step 1: Get Your Deck

    Stop by Killstar’s bewitching range of tarot decks. Trust us, they're to die for.

    Step 2: Set the Vibe

      Light some black candles with our Candle and Scent range, put on your favorite KILLSTAR jewelry, check out our Witches Sabbath and Wednesday Collection to embody your goth aesthetic, and get into the zone.

      Step 3: Shuffle & Cut

        While shuffling, focus on your burning question. Then comes the mysterious part: cutting the cards.

        How to Cut Tarot Cards?

        Cutting the deck is like ringing the doorbell of the spiritual realm - it’s your “Hey, I’m here!” moment. Here's how to do it:

        • Intuition is Your Guide: Use your dominant hand and split the deck into three stacks from left to right.
        • Feel the Energy: Some readers knock three times on the deck to dispel negative energies (or keep them).
        • Reassemble: You can choose to pick up the stacks in the reverse order or any other way that your gut tells you.



        Step 4: Tarot Spreads | Pick Your Layout


        To perform any spread, shuffle the deck thoroughly while focusing on the question or situation at hand. Then, intuitively draw the designated number of cards and lay them out according to the chosen spread pattern. Start simple with a three-card spread: past, present, and future. Or, go big with a Celtic Cross spread if you're feeling adventurous.


        • Three-Card Spread: Simple and versatile, this spread involves drawing three cards representing past, present, and future. Lay the cards out in a row, interpreting each card's significance in relation to its position.
        • Celtic Cross Spread: A classic and comprehensive spread, consisting of ten cards that offer deep insight into a situation. Place the cards in a cross formation, with each position representing different aspects of the querent's life or question.
        • One-Card Spread: Quick and direct, this spread involves drawing a single card for a straightforward answer or guidance. It's ideal for daily reflections or simple inquiries.
        • Relationship Spread: Specifically designed for matters of the heart, this spread explores the dynamics between two individuals. Arrange the cards in a pattern that reflects the connection between the querent and their partner.
        • Past-Present-Future Spread: Similar to the three-card spread but with a focus on past influences, current circumstances, and future potentials. Lay the cards out in a row, interpreting each card's role in shaping the querent's journey.

        Step 5: The Reveal

          Flip the cards, read their meanings and connect the dots. Remember, there's no wrong way to interpret, it’s all about your intuition. 

          Step 6: Journal It

            Write down your reading our stationary range has the spookiest journals, so you can laugh, cry, or ponder it later in style.


            Reading Black Tarot cards with KILLSTAR


            Doing a Reading for Yourself

            When reading for yourself, focus on open-ended questions. Place your cards according to your spread and begin interpreting, using your intuition and the card meanings as your guide.



            Doing a Reading for Someone Else

            When reading for others, encourage them to shuffle the cards while thinking about their question. Lay out the cards as per the chosen spread and interpret them, always keeping their query in mind.



            How to Interpret Tarot Cards


            The art of interpretation lies in understanding the symbolism in the artwork and connecting it with the card's traditional meaning. It's a blend of intuition and knowledge. Interpret the cards' meanings in relation to their positions and the querent's inquiry, considering both the individual card symbolism and their collective message within the spread.



            Additional Tips✨


            • Context Matters: A card’s meaning can change depending on the surrounding cards.
            • Reversals: Some people read reversed cards as the opposite or a weakened form of the upright meaning.
            • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you practice, the more intuitive and accurate your readings will become.


             Black Tarot Cards Spread with Crystal ball | KILLSTAR

            Fun Facts

            • Celeb Fans: Celebrities are just like us - they too seek answers from the tarot! Stars like David Bowie, who had an interest in the occult, have been known to use tarot cards as part of their artistic process.
            • Tarot & Psychology: Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of psychology, was fascinated by tarot. He thought that the images on the cards could help people tap into the 'Collective Unconscious,' a term he coined to describe shared myths, symbols, and archetypes we all subconsciously recognize.
            • Banned? Not Quite!: Tarot cards were once believed to be tools of witchcraft and, during periods of history like the Witch Trials, could have been dangerous to own. Thankfully, we've moved past those dark times, and tarot is now widely accepted and practiced!


            Final Witching Words

            By now, you should be ready to start your journey into the arcane. Tarot cards are more than a fad, they’re a key to unlocking the mysteries of your life, all with a side of gothic glamor. Killstar is here to be your spiritual guide through the realms of the unknown. 

            Live fast. Read cards. Be eternally Killstar.

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