Romantic Goth
Romantic Goth

The Ultimate Style Guide: Romantic Goth

Are you a goth who longs for a simpler time with more extravagant clothing? Do you love the arts, music and yearn for literature from the 1800’s? Do you spend your days lost in deep thoughts and daydreams? It sounds like you are a Romantic goth!

What exactly is a Romantic Goth? A Romantic Goth is one of the classic types of goth fashion - often one who loves all things Victorian, creative and of course dark romance. Romantic Goth styles surged in the 80-90’s thanks to the legendary bands Bauhaus, Type O Negative and the Cure. Romantic Goths are one of the most commonly betrayed types of goth in mainstream media - although they rarely get the romanticism fashion vibes right.

We’ve put together the go-to looks! From the classics styles to some modern takes - have a read and let us know which look is most suited to you?

Velvet and Lace - a Match Made in Hell!

Soft floaty lace with luxe velvet - this combination of fabrics is a dream-come-true for romantic goths. No season at KILLSTAR is complete without a Velvet/Lace drop and we’ve been living [dead] for the must-have dreamy gothic dresses from our latest drop - DRACULA’S DAUGHTER. Dress your favourite romantic statement dress with ornate jewellery, lacy tights and platform boots for the ultimate day-to-day Romantic Goth look - you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!

Dracula's Daughter image 2

The Devil is in the Details

If less is more - can you imagine how much more is? Romantic goths know how to accessorise and are not afraid to take their looks to the next level with some added drama! Our newest range of statement jewellery, featuring custom baphomet designs, will complete any romantic look perfectly!

Dracula's Daughter image 3

My Dark Heart Bleeds

Romantic gothic fashion is known as an exxxtravagant genre of fashion and no truly dark souls wardrobe would be complete without a floor length dress or two. Our Countess Maxi Dress is the perfect piece for making an instant impression! This statement piece ticks all the romantic style boxes - and more! Style your maxi with a pair of pointed boots and statement earrings for a look you will love to death…

Dracula's Daughter image 4

2021 Romantic Goths

80’s new wave romantic fashion with a twist of 2021! @vampolgy’s modern take on this classic look is one we cannot stop looking at… @vampologys looks know no boundaries - complete with gothic accessories to-die-for and the attitude to carry anything off.

Dracula's Daughter image 5Credit: @blake.wing @0.ian @trashmob @vampology

Wherever you like Romantic Goth style or no this is one that is here to stay. Let us know what ya think of the NEW Romantic Goth Drop - DRACULA’S DAUGHTER? Rate or hate - we wanna hear it ⬇️



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Marya Brocade Dress [PLUS]
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