Who's that girl? We are totally crushing on Wylona Hayashi; model, internet sensation and all-round M€G@B@B€.
This gal is currently blackening hearts on social feeds the world over, repping Killstar along the way. HOT!
We had to find out more about this dark and mysterious doll...check it:

Name: "Wylona Hayashi"

Age: "21"

Location: "Singapore currently"

Who is WH: "I honestly don't really know who i am but i am just gonna do what i want."

Describe your $tYLe: "Whatever black and cool."

How did you get into modelling: "I don't really consider myself as a model , all i did was do my thing i don't try i don't apply for agencies or send portfolios unlike everyone else. In singapore is hard to be out there if you just live here but i'm different i guess."

KS you can't take off: "Your Death Tank and Hell Yeah Hoodie"

Favourite Cigarettes: "Malboro"

Current Crush: "No one"

Best Make-Up: "Mac cosmetics/Nars"

Music: "La dispute, Manchester orchestra, Nirvana - honestly i can't do top 3 cause i like many of them equally"

Who Inspires you: No one in particular , just films, tumblr, photography etc

Plans for 2014: "I do but it's not highly possible and i'm still on probation"

Check out Wylona on INSTAGRAM

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