Lita Handbag [B]

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  • Lita Handbag [B]
  • Lita Handbag [B]
  • Lita Handbag [B]
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Blend the edge of magic and reality; blessed be.

- A+ Grade Vegan Leather.
- Statement Moon & Hexagram Hardware.
- Accent Trims & Bow.
- Classic Lining w Inside Zip Pocket.
- 24 x 28 cm, Strap 72-130cm.

For moments when yer looking like a snack and yer accessories have to follow the track - the 'Lita' handbag has found the perfect balance of cuteness and magic. Body of faux vegan leather and decorated with metal moons and hexagram hardware, accent trims and bow. A long shoulder strap with chain detail, zip closure and inside pocket. Keeping it light but fits yer essentials - as ideal for the nightclub as walking yer wolf cub.

Match with yer daily rituals; just get it before its gone!

with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU.

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