• Luna Knit Sweater [B]
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  • Luna Knit Sweater [B]
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    Luna Knit Sweater [B]

    WAS: $ WAS: $59.99

    $42.99 (28% OFF)

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    Childe of the Night! 

    EXXXTRA-Distressed & Oversized Grunge Sweater!

    - Distress Grunge Knit.
    - Crew Neck.
    - Long Length.
    - Printed.
    - UNISEX Fit.

    Soft & Cozy knit sweater with bold statement graphic on the chest; extra long to make super versatile. Unisex fit so it's for everyone!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% Super Soft Acrylic.

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