VIP Program T&Cs

Last Update: 1 March 2024

Our current VIP program is taking its final bow on 29 February 2024, but fear not – we've been busy brewing up something enchanting based on your feedback! Read more details here. 


Terms and Conditions

  • This is our way of showing you our appreciation. The program was launched on 16 January 2018.

  • Points can be earned for activities on our site, like referrals and purchases from this date above date. Details of all activities which can be completed to earn points can be viewed in your VIP rewards panel.

  • Activities such as order & referrals from before 16 January 2018 do not qualify.

  • Points are awarded automatically and can be tracked at via your VIP rewards panel.

  • Points can only be awarded when customers are logged in to their account when placing orders.

  • VIP points are not awarded for orders placed as a guest.

  • Points will not be awarded when spending a Gift Card.

  • Points will be awarded for purchasing Gift Cards.

  • Shipping charges & TAX does not count towards the total value on which points are awarded.

  • A $5 gift card is awarded to VIP members each time they refer a new customer. Referrals are awarded once the referee has created an account & placed their first order. Referees are offers a $5 off coupon code which is valid on orders $30+ (excluding shipping & tax). We withhold the right to block referrals if we have reasonable reason to suspect fraudulent activity.

  • 500 Bonus points are automatically awarded when customers place an order for more than $174.99 excluding shipping charges and any taxes which are added at checkout before completing the order. This offer is limited to 1 per 7 calendar days.

  • Maximum of 25 points (regardless of the number of reviews submitted) will be awarded for submitting product review(s) in response to our email invite. We will email/ txt you an invite to submit a review 2 weeks after your order has shipped. A further 10 points are available per image or video included with your review(s). Points are awarded as soon as a review has been submitted. Points will only be awarded when responding to the invite; no VIP points will be awarded for review products directly via the website or app.

  • Points expire after 12 months of inactivity. Points cannot be transferred between customer accounts.

  • Points can only be used to earn discounts off purchases, not redeemed for a monetary reward.

  • Rewards expire after 12 months and should be used within that time frame. Rewards will not be reinstated once expired. We will send a reminder email to you prior to rewards expiring.

  • Anyone with a customer account at is automatically enrolled.

  • Customers must be logged into their account in order to earn points.

  • Purchases / activities completed as a guest will not qualify.

  • Rewards and points cannot be transferred to another customers or store. This includes sharing rewards which is strictly forbidden.

  • Once redeemed, rewards cannot be refunded for points. Please ensure to check the correct reward is selected before confirming your selection within the VIP panel.

  • KILLSTAR Resurrect items are excluded from VIP rewards and as such, will not be discounted when redeeming rewards.

  • Customers may opt out at any time by contacting us using our normal contact details. 

  • We withhold the right to amend the offer (including all rules & rewards), remove customers or withdraw this program at any time with no notice required. 

  • Fraudulent activity within the KILLSTAR VIP program refers to any deceptive or dishonest actions aimed at gaining undeserved benefits. This includes actions such as creating multiple fake accounts to exploit rewards, submitting false purchase information for points, or sharing fabricated referrals.