What Does Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style
What Does Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

Explore your dark celestial fashion vibe with curated collections tailored to your zodiac sign. Click now for a cosmic wardrobe journey like never before! 

Step into the dark side of your cosmic closet, where the stars themselves spill the tea on your dark fashion destiny! Whether you're navigating the labyrinth of your entire wicked natal chart or just casually dropping your sun sign like it's hot, the fashion cosmos has some divine stellar insights for your wicked wardrobe woes. Now, don't worry, we're not saying the planets are your new style gurus, but hey, if the universe is handing out fashion tips, who are we to resist?

So, buckle up, goth star seekers, as we embark on a divine celestial journey through the shadows of the zodiac. A cosmic catwalk in the shadows, if you will, where your style is to die for and as unique as your birth chart. Because let's face it, if the planets can align to predict your next romantic rendezvous, they can surely dish out some fashion suggestions, right?

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Aquarius: January 20 - February 18 | Air Sign



The Aquarian Aesthetic 

Calling for all the dark fashionistas! Aquarians, the cosmic pioneers of the zodiac, you've got that wicked extraterrestrial vibe that screams, "Take me to the underworld!" Bold, experimental, and always pushing the style boundaries, you thrive on bright and dark colours, statement silhouettes, and accessories that could rival a world takeover. Confidence is your middle name, and if there's anyone who can turn hot-as-hell lingerie into a daily fashion statement, it's you.

Buckle up for a supernatural shopping spree that aligns with your out-of-this-world personality with our Pastel Dream Collection. - After all, you're the trendsetter from another realm!


Pisces: February 19 - March 20 | Water Sign



The Pisces Aesthetic

Dive into the hellish realm of Pisces, where romance and dark whimsy reign supreme, it's time to turn your fashion fantasies into reality. Creative, sensitive, and utterly enchanting, you flutter through life in floaty styles that mirror your ethereal dark spirit. Witchy bell sleeves, maxi skirts, and delicate jewelry become your fashion spells, transforming you into the adorable wicked fairy you were born to be. Soft fabrics cradle your every move, creating a look that's as charming as a bedtime spell. Adorable? Absolutely! Your style is a dark celestial lullaby to fashion norms.

Our curated Witches Sabbath Collection and Pastel Dream Collection of dark whimsical pieces will have you feeling like the ethereal wicked fairy you truly are.


Aries: March 21 - April 19 | Fire Sign



The Aries Aesthetic

Red alert! Aries, the blazing fashion phoenix, sets the world ablaze with your fiery confidence. If the color red was tailor-made for any sign, it's yours. Dive into the depths of the underworld! bold and intriguing pieces that scream "trendsetter". Think spiked chokers, sexy harnesses, and makeup as fierce as your dark spirit. Your silence roars louder than words, turning every outfit into a wicked proclamation of individuality. Bold and unique, we've gathered the essentials that will make your fashion statement hauntingly impossible to ignore. 

Get ready for our Dario Argento Collab Collection with fire and embrace your individuality like never before.


Taurus: April 20 - May 20 | Earth Sign



The Taurus Aesthetic

Luxury is your love language, Taurus babes, your wardrobe is the epitome of opulent elegance with a wicked twist. Sleek, streamlined, and oh-so-devilishly-comfortable, you effortlessly embody the essence of expensive a dark allure. A clean silhouette and monochrome palette are your shadowy style commandments, reflecting your penchant for comfort without sacrificing dark glamour. Whether stepping out into the night or staying in darkness at home, glamorous loungewear is your must-have accessory. Because who says comfort can't be sinisterly chic?

We've handpicked our Dark Cyber Collection, sleek and glamorous pieces that effortlessly blend opulence with an aura of wicked ease.


Gemini: May 21 - June 21 | Air Sign



The Gemini Aesthetic

Geminis, the shadowy maestros of duality, you dance through the realm of fashion with contrasting looks that unveil both sides of your dark yet charming personality. Clashing shades reminiscent of the abyss, dressy meets casual, you're the trendsetting showstopper who loves to take wicked risks. Pile on the accessories and creepers - because let's be honest, you've got a lot to say, and your fashion choices are the wickedly enticing conversation starters. Don't be afraid to try new things; after all, variety is the dark spice of your lifestyle in the shadows!

Our curated Carrie Collab Collection includes clashing shades of shadows, dressy-casual ensembles, and a myriad of accessories to express your wickedly dynamic style.


Cancer: June 22 - July 22 | Water Sign



The Cancer Aesthetic

When the emotional tides are calm, Cancers emerge in classic, sophisticated ensembles. Timeless, ethereal, and a hint of goth vintage or witchy vibes - your wardrobe is a reflection of your elegant yet wicked spirit. Picture a 1950s-style dark dress with a structured bag and heels, or embody the gothic witch in floaty, lacy styles. Keep accessories minimal and let moon details sprinkle that true wicked Cancerian charm. It's a fashion poetry that whispers spells rather than shouts.

We've curated a timeless Lilith’s Rage Collection that exudes dark elegance and charm.


Leo: July 23 - August 22 | Fire Sign



The Leo Aesthetic

Leos, the cosmic shadowy royalty of the zodiac, you're destined for the darkened spotlight. Beyond the leopard print allure, drama is your wicked fashion anthem. Bold prints, wild vibes, fringes, huge bell sleeves and platform boots - anything that hauntingly screams, "Look at me!". Layers of chains? Absolutely, in your dark realm, there's no such thing as too over-the-top. Own your bold choices, let your wardrobe echo with sinister roars, and never shy away from being the centre of attention. Life's a divine runway, rule it like you own it!

Beyond leopard prints, we've curated Dario Argento Collab Collection, wild vibes, and sinister dramatic pieces that align with your cosmic royalty.


Virgo: August 23 - September 22 | Earth Sign



The Virgo Aesthetic

Virgos, the sinister connoisseurs of order and simplicity, your fashion mantra exudes a dark smart, functional, and effortlessly chic allure. Neatness is your wicked forte, and an all-black ensemble is your shadowy style canvas. Pops of white add that classic touch, creating a look that's both practically dark and refined. A cute shirt, a pencil skirt, and sleek accessories - your failsafe formula that proudly flaunts your Virgo tendencies. In a world of chaos, your wardrobe is a wicked oasis of understated dark elegance.

Your shopping journey is all about practical yet stylish essentials as our Wednesday Collab Collection.


Libra: September 23 - October 23 | Air Sign



The Libra Aesthetic

Balance is your aesthetic, Libras, and your wardrobe reflects your knack for classic femininity with a sinister hint of edge. Matchy-matchy outfits with a wicked statement accessory? Oh, it's a shadowy look. You're the epitome of wicked poise, and coordinating your favourite bag with matching shoes is your dark secret weapon. Because who wants to be bored in the shadows? Keep it interesting, stay polished, and let your dark confident air shine through. After all, life is too short for dull fashion choices!

Elevate your wardrobe with our Own The Night Collection which keeps it interesting and exudes dark confidence.


Scorpio: October 24 - November 21 | Water Sign



The Scorpio Aesthetic

Enter the realm of the Scorpio, the natural-born wicked goth with a penchant for mystery and allure. Dark, dramatic, and undeniably sexy - your wardrobe is a testament to your sinister enigmatic persona. A killer bodycon dress, sky-high heels, and layers of leather and faux fur are your go-to ingredients for embracing the darkness within. Channel your inner dark queen of the shadows, Scorpio, and let your fashion speak volumes in sultry wicked whispers.

Our Lilith’s Rage Collection is all about channelling your inner dark Scorpio and leaving an indelible wicked mark.


Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21 | Fire Sign



The Sagittarius Aesthetic

Sagittarius, the laid-back fashion adventurer, keeps it casually dark, but never mundane. A pop of haunting colors, a statement accessory, or an interesting silhouette to cast a wicked spell - the trifecta that showcases your dark personality while staying comfortably chic in the shadows. Novelty bags? Crafted for your wicked taste. Your hair, is the perfect accessory, as you love experimenting with new colors from hair accessories to changing hair colorYour fashion motto? Effortless and fun, just like your free-spirited soul in the shadows.

Our Carrie Collab Collection is all about effortless and fun additions to your dark wardrobe.


Capricorn: December 22 - January 19 | Earth Sign



The Capricorn Aesthetic

Capricorns, the masters of sensibility, how do you always stay so composed in the shadows? Your outfits reflect your practical yet dark stylish approach to life. Simple, functional, and versatile, your wardrobe is a well-oiled machine that sats a shadow. A capsule wardrobe in your preferred wicked color palette (all black, of course) ensures every piece is interchangeable. Stylish outerwear and fuss-free smart looks are your dark essentials, keeping up with your busy, well-organised lifestyle. Time to conquer the underworld, one wickedly chic and sensible outfit at a time!

Our Own The Night Collection is wickedly tailored to keep up with your busy, sensible, and dark chic lifestyle.


Celestial Tea Gossip


Cosmic Catwalk Crisis: Did you know that during Mercury retrograde, even the stars struggle to find the right cosmic runway? It's like the entire celestial catwalk is covered in space banana peels, leading to some seriously awkward star-stumbling moments. No wonder it is suggested to hold off on major fashion decisions during this cosmic comedy of errors!

Celestial Closet Makeover: When a shooting star streaks across the night sky, it's the universe's way of giving its closet a quick celestial makeover. The tail of the shooting star? That's the universe's way of saying, "Out with the old, in with the new!" Fashion-forward galaxies, take note.

Planetary Pranksters: The planets have a cosmic sense of humour. Every once in a while, they align in a formation, during this alignment, it's said that the stars can't help but chuckle, causing a ripple effect of unexpected fashion trends and quirky style choices down on Earth. Blame it on the giggling planets!

Remember, dear cosmic couturiers, while the stars may guide you, your style is ultimately as unique as your dark celestial fingerprint. So, whether you're rocking dark glamour, alternative chic, stardust grunge or punk constellations, wear it with wicked cosmic confidence, because the universe has declared you a fashion star in your own right!


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