• Black Sea Tote Bag [B]
  • Black Sea Tote Bag [B]
  • Black Sea Tote Bag [B]
  • Black Sea Tote Bag [B]
  • Black Sea Tote Bag [B]
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    Black Sea Tote Bag [B]


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    As waves crash down - her eyes would flicker, just like a light at night. Atlantis and Aurora Borealis; there is a black sea in her soul - deeper than Alice's rabbit hole.

    - Black Lush Velvet.
    - Gloss PVC Accents.
    - Zipped.
    - Black-On-Black Print.
    - Faux Fur Pom Pom.
    - Optional Long Shoulder Strap.
    - Size 34 x 44 x 11 cm, Strap 67 cm.

    A goth mermaid must-have; the 'Black Sea' tote handbag is yer perfect partner -day or night with it's classic shape. Really spacious with lots of room for yer makeup, wallet, notebook and diverse magical toolz. Covered with a black-on-black repeat scale print and accent details in gloss PVC, complete with classic lining and zip closure. Detachable shoulder strap included - as well as a faux fur pompom. Oh my goth!

    Matches your all-black wardrobe perfectly; get it before its gone!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane.

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